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     We offer a wide variety of items to spiritual practice, if you wish to order any of these items on line, please contact to our administrator below.






Tibetan prosperity Symbol with turquoise, silver 925.


Silver OM with a small Ruby diamond cut 


Shiva Nataraja pendant silver 925.


Silver rings diferent designs,  925.


Disponible con aretes de turquesa y/o Coral.

Garnet earings with cut ston and art silver work.


Amethist pendant diamond cut, silver 925.



Earing, pendant and ring set from Turkey, with emerald, ruby and circonias.


Amethist earings with fine art work in silver. 

Diferent design rings with precious and semi precious stones


Amethist pendant with cut stone, fine quality silver 925


Silver Nataraja pendant.


Tibetan om with Turquoise, Lapizlazuli and coral. 


High quiality topaz set.


Himalayan quartz pendant, linked to Venus, for beauty and love.


Fine silver work earings






Brass and stone Buddha statues, different sizes.

Brass statues like: Ganesh, Shiva, Nataraja, Krishna.

Silk scarves, different sizes and colours.

Healing crystals in rough nature: Amethist, Hematite, Ruby, Emmerald, Lapizlazuli, Turquoise, etc.

Stone, Boddhi tree, Sandal malas for prayers.


If you would like to order or know more about our items for sale, please contact us at: and an English/Spanish speaking teacher will be happy to help you.


Some of our students’ comments:

The teachings and the memories we have received, we will carry within our hearts forever. Joaquin & Adriana (Tabasco, Mexico)