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       Yoga and Meditation

     A complete Yoga practice can truly free our body and mind from negative thought patterns, physical and mental pain, and even illness can be cured with a constant practice under the guidance of a qualified teacher. We practice Yoga not only as a one hour or two hour class, but we practice Yoga as a whole, at our center we teach meditation, mantra chanting for healing, energy channeling, emotion recognition and channeling, therapeutic yoga postures for different illnesses, Vedanta and Hindu philosophy, Buddhist philosophy: everything in order to enjoy a healthier, happier life. 

Our teachers have studied all the subjects above under the guidance of great masters in India and Nepal, you can request private classes with them in any of the next languages: English, French, German, Hindi and Spanish.


If you would like to know more about our retreats and coming events, please contact us at: and an English/Spanish speaking teacher will be happy to help you.




Some of our students’ comments:

The teachings and the memories we have received, we will carry within our hearts forever. Joaquin & Adriana (Tabasco, Mexico)